Exhibit 21


Techne Corporation, a Minnesota corporation, had the subsidiaries below as of the date of filing its Annual Report on Form 10-K for the fiscal year ended June 30, 2014. Certain subsidiaries are not named because they were not significant individually or in the aggregate as of such date. Techne Corporation is not a subsidiary of any other entity.




State/Country of Incorporation

Research and Diagnostic Systems, Inc. (R&D Systems)    Minnesota
BiosPacific, Inc.    Minnesota
Boston Biochem, Inc.    Minnesota
Tocris Cookson Limited    United Kingdom
R&D Systems Europe Ltd.    United Kingdom
R&D Systems GmbH    Germany
R&D Systems China Co., Ltd.    China
R&D Systems Hong Kong Ltd.    Hong Kong
Bionostics, Inc.    Massachusetts
Shanghai PrimeGene Bio-Tech Co.    China
Cayenne Merger Sub, Inc.    Delaware
Novus Holdings, LLC    Delaware
Novus Biologicals, LLC    Delaware
ProteinSimple    Delaware
ProteinSimple Ltd.    Ontario
ProteinSimple Hong Kong Ltd.    Hong Kong
Cell Biosciences International    Delaware